Lecco crossroads of history Lecco crossroads of history


The symbol of the city is the Bridge of Azzone Visconti, also known as the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio), built between 1336 and 1338 by a member of the Visconti family as a link between the city, Valsassina and the eastern shore of Lake Como with the district of Milan (50 km), home of the important event "Expo 2015" at the exhibition center in Rho.
Built at the point where the lake is re-injected into the river Adda, along which runs a nice long bike path which crosses many countries, including Brivio, Trezzo d'Adda, Vaprio d'Adda and Cassano d'Adda, this bridge has undergone several changes over the years: it was initially to 8 arches, which were then brought to 10 and then to 11, and was defended by two towers and a drawbridge.
The nineteenth-century Basilica of St. Nicholas is located at the northern end of the historic center, in an elevated position. This interesting building was completely rebuilt in 1830 by architect Giuseppe Bovara, and yet still has the remains of the ancient wall that are joined to the circular tower of the Gothic bell tower. Inside, there are traces of the thirteenth-century church frescoes in the Chapel of the Baptistery and the late fourteenth century.
A typical example of the art sober late-eighteenth-century Palazzo Belgiojoso Lecco is refined, in Corso Matteotti, made ​​up of spaces porches and balconies suspended, once owned by the properties of Mellerio Belgiojoso is now the Civic Museum of Archaeology and Natural History Museum. Very interesting and rich, these exposures have important sections related to the history and the Lecco area, such as the part dedicated to ancient tradition steel industry.

manzonian itinerary manzonian itinerary


Alessandro Manzoni, one of the greatest writers of Italian literature, will forever be remembered as the author of “I Promessi Sposi” , set precisely in the areas near Lecco.
Arriving in Lecco, you must help you with a guide to discover the places where the writer was inspired and where he spent his days. A route suitable for all ages, as his books. The best way to learn about the world of Manzoni is by walking: starting from the neighborhood of Pescarenico, which housed the convent of Fra Cristoforo and where you can still enter the church of the Holy Mother and Saint Lucia, then you are moving in the village of Olate and of Acquate, the first place of birth of the bride and according to the country where he married.
Then we proceed towards the fortress Zucco, home of the Palace of Don Rodrigo, in the surrounding area you will find other ways and corners, home to famous scenes or dialogues between the characters of the book. Many others will be the discoveries to be made in the streets, do not forget to visit the house of Manzoni, the Museum contains memorabilia, first editions, notes, objects and manuscripts of one of the greatest representatives of Italian literature.

between cable car and mountains between cable car and mountains


Do not miss the excitement of taking this cable car that will take you from Lecco to Piani d'Erna.
Upon arrival you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of Lecco, of all the towns that adhere to the shore of Lake Como and the mountain villages. There are numerous tracks of varying difficulty, for fascinating walks through the woods, with a view of the scenery of the surrounding mountains. In the end, you will find a place of rest for sample recipes of the place.
There are many peaks you can reach: the Northern Grigna, with the shelter Brioschi, the South one, Mount Resegone, with the shelter Azzoni, Mount Magnodeno, with the bivouac open on Wednesday, where you can enjoy the risotto with mushrooms and the San Martino, with the rest managed by Alpine.

lake between ancient villas, botanical gardens and old villages lake between ancient villas, botanical gardens and old villages


Beautiful at day, beautiful at night! It is Lake Como, on which stands the town of Lecco. The lake is a landscape lovely postcard. If you love taking photos, get ready to shooting very much. The best time to visit from late September to mid-October when the colors of the lake and the surrounding landscape are even more striking. You can admire the countless old villas that look out on Lake Como with their botanical gardens: Villa Olmo in Como, Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, Villa Barbaniello in Lenno, Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, Villa Monastero in Varenna, but also will see old suburbs perched on the banks of the lake.